Services Provided

Baseline Studies
Construction Environmental Management Planning and Implementation
Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
Environmental Policy Planning and Development of Environmental Policy Frameworks
Resettlement Actions Plans
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Sustainable Buildings Design and Certifications
Sustainable Developments
Climate Change Studies
Environmental Audit
Climate Change Services
Solid Waste Management

Our commitment to sustainability has never wavered ever since we took on the first job. In fact, all of Engicon’s projects were delivered with a keen focus on balancing environmental and social impact against the intended utility.

This has meant incorporating design elements that would reduce energy and water consumption, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. As well as rewarding clients with higher investment returns and lower environmental impact, our commitment to sustainability has driven our own innovation and resilience.

Engicon’s structure and infrastructure design works, for example, are conceptualized with proven ideas that improve the general health and safety of the project’s end-users. If local material can be sourced, we ask for it; if recycled material is available, we recommend it, and if renewable energy is a possible alternative, we recommend it to clients. Even a simple design element, like optimal insulation or LED lighting systems, would realize long term savings and ensure a lower carbon footprint.

Other projects we do are solely focused on the environment. These projects cover a long list of services, including environmental studies and general engineering practices that reduce the environmental and social impact of public, private or industrial projects. Our services in this discipline cover the full cycle of a project, from concept and feasibility studies to design and contract documents preparation.

Engicon also involves its environmental services in construction supervision and management. Our experts act as advisors on strategies; they become involved in preparing and applying Environmental policies, operation and maintenance manuals, and offer specialized environmental training. Engicon’s environmental works ensure compliance from the project initiation phase through operation and closure; with site restoration and rehabilitation implemented where and when needed.