Services Provided

Traffic Engineering and Planning

The world is changing fast as it witnesses unprecedented population and economic growth cycles. The global population growth rate is projected to add another 2.5 billion people and urban dwellers are projected to grow to 70% of the population by 2050.

Changing demographic conditions have increasingly been forcing governments to implement smarter and more progressive urban plans and road infrastructures. Accommodating these vital developments early on makes a crucial part of any national strategy that seeks social and economic progress.  Implementing a smart and sustainable transportation system plays a pivotal role in supporting future shifts in global economic and environmental thinking.

Engicon follows a holistic approach to transportation planning, applying its diverse expertise toward designing each project with the objective of satisfying its unique requirements and challenges. Our engineers apply proven scientific methods, from applying simulation to predictive modeling that can deliver future-proof transportation solutions.

We draw from an extensive experience of planning and designing solutions to deliver roads and transportation infrastructure projects. We've worked on national highway networks; designed intersections; planned road hierarchies at mixed-use developments; designed pavement layers; designed highways in environmentally-challenging isolated deserts, ranges, and canyons. In complex urban environments, we designed the interchanges of a BRT system; upgraded city highways; concluded traffic and pavement studies, as well as geotechnical and hydrological investigations.