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Building a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant or any other public facility makes half the job; the other half is building capacity and the expertise that will operate a project efficiently and sustainably.

Competitive skillsets are the software of successful projects; developing them requires an integrated and systematic approach. Capacity building and development go beyond the transfer of skills; it’s also about building an effective institution that can attract talents and nurture a learning environment.

In recent years, capacity building has seen increased interest across public and private economic sectors. This surge in demand for training and up-skilling workforces is fueled by the adoption of new technologies and efficient management systems across different industries. Adopting advanced methods in capacity building achieves sustainable results and ensures savings in operations and business continuity.

About every large-scale project in our portfolio involved components for capacity building and training. These projects included water engineering and management, waste and wastewater management, urban planning, and environmental remediation, among others.

Through Engicon’s community involvement program, we’ve also established a platform for sharing our expertise and knowledge in engineering disciplines with students and faculty at academic institutions. Within these efforts, we have collaborated on research, training and education. Engicon also offers fresh university graduates 3-month internships that include rotations between engineering disciplines.