The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) Lagoon Remediation Project involves addressing the urgent issue of contamination in a 100,000 sqm lagoon located in Russeifa, east of Amman. It also involves the redevelopment of the area's municipal park and the surrounding green spaces. In the past, stormwater from the Marka Valley and surrounding areas would flow through valleys and eventually reach the Zarqa River. However, due to the disposal of mining waste and urban development, the flow of water has been blocked and has accumulated in the lagoon as stagnant water, which has made it susceptible to contamination from the surrounding area.

Engicon's work involved the preparation of a Preliminary Hydraulic Design and the construction of a 90 sqm wastewater tank which includes a pumping station, an irrigation tank with a volume of 10,000 sqm which included a pump station house, and construction of pedestrian steel bridges. Engicon also worked on the conveyance system from the lagoon to the Zarqa River through the utilization of the trenchless -micro tunneling- technique, as well as backfilling the lagoon to reach design level with the capping of contaminated soil.

The project is prepared and financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).