Engicon was assigned to provide engineering design services for two sections along the Amman BRT network: the intersection at Press Tunnel and the BRT running way at Omar Matar Street. The first was constructed and inaugurated in October 2018, and construction on the second began in early 2019.

Press Tunnel:  Along Press Tunnel (Nafaq Al-Sahafa). BRT buses will run on a 600-meter segregated, raised structure on the center of Queen Rania Street, over the traffic in the Press Tunnel. At the intersection itself, the BRT running way will be located at-grade.
Engicon carried out the detailed design and tender documents for the construction of the prestressed bridge for BRT, civil works including roads, storm and sewerage pipe lines, lighting works, detouring, and shoring works.

Omar Matar St.: This section included two bus lanes running along 1.5 km on the middle of Omar Matar Street in the Ras Al-Ein area, adjacent to the Greater Amman Municipality complex. It also included improvements to both ends of the street, with an adjusted layout for the western intersection (connecting to the third circle and Princess Basma Street) and the eastern intersection (Fountain Square), which represents a terminus for the BRT. Engicon carried out the detailed design and tender documents for all disciplines along this corridor.

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