Engicon has become an important player in providing a comprehensive range of services in water and wastewater. We are now considered a leader in the development and deployment of advanced sustainable solutions for the water sector and its diverse and unique requirements.

Our operation in some of the most demanding environments and our team's keen technical adeptness are tested and comprehensive, making Engicon a top-rated consultant and among the best firms in the Arab region.

We offer studies (including feasibility studies and EIAs), planning, design, supervision, and construction management services for medium and large-scale projects in different Arab countries. Our insight and knowledge have brought utility agencies and developrs powerful solutions to their complex water issues. Engicon’s record includes many fast-track and parallel-track projects that tackled pressing problems in the water sector in the region.

Water services we provide include:

  • Collection systems
  • Pumping stations
  • Storage systems
  • Treatment plants
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Conveyance systems
  • Groundwater management
  • Flood protection
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Dams
  • Construction management and supervision

Sample Projects

Kufranja Dam

Kufranja Dam

Country: Jordan
Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation, Jordan Valley Authority
Year Completed: 2016

Built in Ajloun in the north of Jordan, where water availability per capita is the lowest in the country, the Kufranja Dam was designed as a concrete-face rock-fill dam. It was the first of its kind in Jordan. Measuring 88 meters in height and 282 meters in length, the dam has a capacity of 6 million cubic meters. Engicon was responsible for carrying out the feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, engineering design, the preparation of tender documents, and construction supervision for the dam.

Management Engineering Services Contract

Management Engineering Services Contract

Country: Jordan
Client: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Year Completed: Ongoing

Jordan is known for its limited water resources and with the fast pace growing demand for water; Jordan is on the way of being one of the poorest countries in term of water resources. Jordan’s per capita share of water is less than 150 m3/year which is classified as extreme water poverty. One of the greatest challenges that Jordan faces in the water sector is the significant levels of lost water, or non-revenue water (NRW), which is around 50% country-wide, posing more stress on the water supply system in the Kingdom.

The USAID-funded NRW program in Amman, Zarqa, Madaba, and Aqaba covers many aspects of this issue, including but not limited to: Isolation, restructuring and rehabilitation of metered water distribution zones by disconnecting redundant water networks, quick active and passive water leak detection and repair, procurement of needed maintenance equipment, customers and bulk meters replacement, water pressure control using upgraded flow modulating PRVs, SCADA, GIS and CIS systems, rehabilitation of high priority water distribution zones, and better NRW quantification and analyses.

Engicon was contracted to be the FARA consultant for this 5–year program. Scope includes overseeing the entire 60 million USD investment, as well as creating the institutional framework that allows for better management of NRW at Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) and Aqaba Water Company (AWC)