Transportation & Roads

Transportation has become one of the major challenges in the MENA region. With demand on the rise, there is an increasing need for robust, sustainable transportation solutions—be they new infrastructure or smarter systems, urban mobility solutions or intercity highways.

Engicon has accumulated an impressive backlog of competitive projects and specialized expertise in the various facets of transportation engineering and planning. Our innovative and tested solutions for this sector position us to be among the best.

Our experts have worked at different scales, from planning a national highway network to designing an intersection and from planning a road hierarchy for a mixed use development down to completing the detailed design of the various pavement layers.

We have also operated in various settings, designing highways that traverse deserts, ranges, and canyons and interchanges for a BRT system in a complex urban environment.

Transportation and Roads services we provide include:

  • Highways, bridges, underpasses, and complex interchanges
  • Geometric and pavement design
  • Stormwater drainage design and hydrological studies
  • Geotechnical engineering and soil stabilization
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Transportation planning studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction management and supervision

Sample Projects

Consultancy Services for Mafraq-Safawi-Karameh Road

Consultancy Services for Mafraq-Safawi-Karameh Road

Country: Jordan
Client: Ministry of Public Works & Housing
Year Completed: 2017

The Mafraq-Safawi-Karameh Road is a strategic corridor, as it represents the only land connection between Jordan and Iraq. It has a total length of 275 kilometers.

Engicon completed the detailed design and tender documents for the complete upgrading of the existing road into a four-lane separated highway with service roads in urban areas. In addition to key road design activities (geometry, drainage, electrical, and so on), work on this project included designing a number of level intersections and grade-separated interchanges, carrying out an environmental impact assessment, and preparing a detailed traffic study.

Amman Ring Road - Phases 2 & 3: Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment & Full Design

Amman Ring Road - Phases 2 & 3: Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment & Full Design

Country: Jordan
Client: European Investment Bank
Year Completed: 2009

With a total length of approximately 80 km, the western and northern legs of the Amman Ring Road were designed to divert traffic away from central Amman, reduce traffic congestion and pollution along the principal urban road corridors, and improve access and reduce travel costs to key economic sectors

Engicon’s work included full design of the highway including service roads on both sides of the Ring Road, link roads with the existing networks, 12 main interchanges, 15 viaducts, 19 bridges, 38 underpasses, and 7 tunnels, as well detailed hydrological and hydraulics studies, geotechnical investigations, drainage structures, protection works, and lighting along the highways and at interchanges. The work included the preparation of the full construction tender documents.